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Sunday, June 1, 2014

Four Seasons

Summer a season to be thirsty for a reason. Beer lets cheers
Spring with friends and flowers makes me crave for cocktails. Giggles
Autumn soothes the soul. Laze around in bathing suit with a glass of wine. Relaxing
Winter. Time to reflect. Whisky on the rocks to crack my frozen heart. Ponder

I lived

I have stories
I have scars
I have happy memories
Like shooting stars
Makes me laugh
Makes me cry
I go to work
I eat I read I write
I spent time with family, friends
I try not to judge and be thankful
I …  lived. Yay.

Long Day

Body numb, mind is blank, I stare
Brain is fried, I bear no more
Super hungry I feel like eating fries
Today a long day ......
So let’s go home and sleep !!

Until I die ...

Day and night

I could write

Makes me laugh

I cannot tell why

All I know

Is to write

Until I die

Friday, May 30, 2014

Xmas Wish

my Christmas wish, is to become a witch
so that all my family and friends will no longer weep
because i have put tears to sleep
everyone will have fairies
to fill their days with lots of candies
my magic spells will spare all a lifetime full of GOODIES & YIPPIES !!!

Saturday, May 24, 2014


I once tried playing football
I promised I kick really hard …
It is very strange, the ball doesn’t roll
All I could see is a flying shoe into the goal !!


Friday, May 23, 2014

it's such a bliss

a state of bliss is when i am asleep
when i dream of lots of sheep
sheeps in white and sheeps in many colors

thought if i could start to count
that’s when i realize my mind stop
pass-ing by the threshold of pondering

chewing over what i have been thinking
obviously my mind have been running
doubtful of what i had been doing

for once i stop asking !!
started moving, keep walking...
looking for the countless colors of sheeps i've been dreaming

finally i found my dreams ......
that is to enjoy eating my ice cream !

oh, wait ... am i still in my dream ... ??!!

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